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Month01 (January)
Day29 (Saturday)
QuotationDecember 25th, 1762 "A most intense frost set in with a north-easterly wind, and continued with very little intermission to the 29th of January, when it broke up by a gentle thaw. Besides the general appearance of nature, some experiments, tried during the course of it, proved, that it was some days no less severe than that of 1740 . . . by the 2nd of January the river Thames was completely frozen over at Richmond; as was the Severn in several places, carriages passed over the ice, and booths were erected and fairs held; the ice being in some parts six feet thick."
SourceAnnual Register Vol 5 1762 Chronicle page 119
Area039 - Thames
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time09/10/1998 16:46:20


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