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Month06 (June)
Day23 (Wednesday)
Quotation"A moor at Solesberry in Buckinghamshire; another great one near Pately-bridge in Yorkshire; the high moors near Sheffield; and the moor or heath on Bloreme-hill in Monmouthshire, are all on fire; that of Bloreme-hill near six feet deep, and those near Sheffield for thirty miles together in some places, owing it is probable . . . to the extraordinary disposition of the peat to kindle by inflammable exhalations, through the late excessive heat and dryness of the weather. . . . In Scotland, the woods of Rothmurcus, and the fine forests of Glenmere and Glenfiddick, have been in great great danger from the same cause. The woods of Abernethy have suffered prodigiously, and the neighbouring inhabitants have been employed night and day in diverting the course of the flames."
SourceAnnual Register Vol 5 1762 Chronicle page 91
Area039 - Thames
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time09/10/1998 16:40:04


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