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Month10 (October)
Day30 (Friday)
Quotation"In Monmouthshire, one of the greatest floods ever known in that country, did incredible damage, by bearing down bridges, carrying away cattle, destroying mills, sweeping away houses with their inhabitants. A most providential escape is related which deserves to be remembered: a woman, the wife of a tins-man at Carleon, crossing Carleon bridge when it fell, happened to lay hold of a beam, upon which she floated through Newport bridge, and three miles below that town was taken up by a small boat. As soon as she was put on shore, she procured a horse and rode home, and was the first person who carried the news to her husband of the accident that had happened to her."[River Usk]
SourceAnnual Register Vol 15 1772 Chronicle page 134-135
Area056 - Usk
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time09/10/1998 14:10:45


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