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Month03 (March)
Quotation"from Fort Augustus. "A very uncommon phaenomenon happened here the 31st of March. About two in the afternoon, Loch Ness rose on a sudden above two feet in perpendicular height, and continued alternately rising and falling, for the space of three quarters of an hour. . . In the middle of the Loch, the water swelled up like a mountain, and during the whole time appeared extremely muddy and dirty. What makes it still more extraordinary, it was a perfect calm for several hours before and after. The motion was attended with a very uncommon hollow sound." - The same happened during the last earthquake at Lisbon, but never before for 50 years."[River Ness]
SourceAnnual Register Vol 4 1761 Chronicle page 92
Area006 - Ness
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time08/10/1998 16:55:34


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