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Month06 (June)
Day25 (Monday)
Quotation". . . a very uncommon sort of insects, which within thse few weeks have made their appearance, and done considerable damage to the grass and corn. They bear a near appearance to the caterpillar, are of a dark colour, with white stripes from the head to the tail, and are about two inches long. They seem to abound most on the head of the Tweed, where several farms have been in a manner totally destroyed by them. . . . Most people are of opinion, that they are caused by the late excessive drought, though several old men remember much greater, without any such appearance. It has been observed, that since the late rains, many of them have been found dead, swelled to a considerable bigness."[River Tweed]
SourceAnnual Register Vol 2 1759 Chronicle page 99
Area021 - Tweed
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time08/10/1998 16:33:19


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