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Month07 (July)
Day02 (Wednesday)
Quotation"So violent a storm of rain, attended with thunder and lightning, fell near Fordingbridge and Ringwood in Hampshire, that the water of the brooks running from the New Forest into the river Avon, were in less than hour's time raised to the height of ten or twelve feet perpendicular. At Redbrook, a waggon with five horses, passing that brook, were with great difficulty saved from being carried away by the rapidity of the water, which rose so high, that it ran through the house of a farmer there, at least a foot in depth, and in a house opposite was near halfway between the floor and the cieling [sic]. At Stuckton, a gentleman being stopt in his journey by the flood, was obliged to rest in his chariot all night. Great quantities of hay, and thread which was whitening in the meadows near Fordingbridge, were swept away by the inundation, as were also great numbers of hogs, together twith their sties. At Gorley eighteen hogs were carried off at once, but saved by the diligence of a neighbouring farmer. The river was swelled to such a height, that it is probable the mills thereon would have been born down by the violence of the stream, which would have carried all before it, had not the diligence of the people who attended all night, opening flood-gates and hatches, abated its force by dispersing its waters." [River Avon]
SourceAnnual Register Vol 3 1760 Chronicle page 118/119
Area043 - Avon and Stour
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time08/10/1998 16:09:42


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