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Month02 (February)
Day14 (Friday)
Quotation"Letter from Nottingham Last Wednesday morning began here a storm of snow, which continued without intermission the space of fifty hours. All the country is covered with it, so that business has been at a full stand; the posts have been stopped, the coaches and post chaises obliged to postpone their journeys, at least over the forest of Sherwood, where this fleecy element now lies in amazing heaps, and for many miles there is not the least tract; the poor sheep in that wide waste are buried, as it were, alive; and I am told it as an undoubted fact, that in a valley, between two high hills, called Wilford hills, the snow is there blown from the tops into the vale, and lies to the depth of 6, 7, 8 and 10 yards. This day it has begun to thaw, and the river Trent rises so fast, that the country are frightened with the dread of an inundation of waters. In short, the oldest men amongst us say, they never knew the like."[Trent]
SourceAnnual Register Vol 9 1766 Chronicle page 64
Area028 - Trent
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time08/10/1998 15:53:08


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