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Month10 (October)
Day08 (Thursday)
Quotation"They have had the greatest flood at Manchester ever known. The rivers Mersey and Irwel overflowed several fields on each side their banks; large quantities of hay and corn were borne away, and the damage sustained at Salford-Quay, in sugars, spirituous liquors, die stuff etc damaged and destroyed, is supposed to amount to several hundred pounds. His grace the duke of Bridgewater's canal received no damage. At Stratford, the bridge belonging to the caffoon, was forced from its foundation, and the rubbish going along with the water, was left upon the adjacent fields and quite altered their appearance. At Bollen, the bridge which carried the canal over that river, had one third part carried away, but no other material damage ensued; the works at this place are reckoned as grand as those ar Worsley, and the damage done at the two places, is computed at about 2000 l."[River Irwell]
SourceAnnual Register Vol. 10, 1767 Page 137
Area069 - Mersey and Irwell
ContributorFrank Law
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Entry Date/Time07/10/1998 15:43:09


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