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Month11 (November)
Day20 (Wednesday)
QuotationCarmarthen Journal 22 Nov 1929: "The heavy rains of Monday and Tuesday were responsible for the most serious floods of past 40 years in Carmarthen. ... From Carmarthen to Ferryside the course of the Tywi could not be traced and Carmarthen Bridge underwent one of the stiffest trials since its construction many hundreds of years ago. ... The floods were the worst in living memory and swept over a wide area to a depth of five feet and more... For the first time in its history the Great Western Railway station in Carmarthen ... suffered from inundation... the water had risen to within one foot of the platform. ... Houses stores and business premises on the Quay and many houses in Pensarn and Llangunnor road suffered severely. Here the water rose to beyond ground floor windows... motor vehicles in this [Tywi] garage were under water. ... A cottage in Pensarn situated below the main road had water up to the bedroom window. The River Towy rose above the arches of the Carmarthen Bridge an occurrence not known for the last thirty years or more. ... The greater flood of this week has tended to eclipse the great flood of last week [understood to have been on 12/11/1929]."
SourceCarmarthen Journal. 22 Nov 1929 (Microfilm Carmarthen Library)
Area060 - Towy Group
ContributorGlenda Tudor-Ward
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Entry Date/Time30/05/2019 12:25:12


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