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Month12 (December)
Quotation"HEAVY FLOOD IN CARMARTHEN LOSS OF LIFE AND PROPERTY IN SOUTH WALES. The recent gale which swept over Carmarthen is acknowledged by some of the oldest inhabitants to be one of the heaviest ever experienced in the town and the Flood reached a point which was only equalled by the overflow which occurred about seventeen years ago ... The water covered the Valley of the Towy spreading over the fields and rendering most of the hedges invisible. … The tide flowed over the Quay and entered the houses. The inhabitants took refuge for themselves and their household goods upstairs. One shop at the end of the Quay The Towy Stores suffered in particular. Although the shutters had been put up the waves dashing them-selves fiercely against them to a height of four or five feet. ... A house in St. Catherine Street had part of its roof blown away and a wall in Spring Gardens was demolished by the force of the gale. The roads to Pensarn and Llangunnor were covered with water and the former village has been flooded. Johnstown has also been under water."
SourceThe Carmarthen Journal and South Wales Weekly Advertiser. 23/12/2010 Page 6
Area060 - Towy Group
ContributorGlenda Tudor-Ward
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Entry Date/Time14/05/2019 16:13:52


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