Data Protection

Inclusion of any information in the database constitutes a form of publication. Therefore, contributors must be sure that any source materials being added to the Chronology fall outwith the provisions of any copyright restriction, unless the written permission of the copyright owner allows otherwise. Short quotes are likely to be acceptable for relatively recently published material although, as in other cases, the source of quotation must always be given. In the case of any doubt, please contact us.

To ensure that copyright rules have been adhered to, and to guard against the possibility of spurious data entry, members of the Chronology Team will routinely check the content of the database, and reserve the right to remove any entries as necessary. As a means of assuring the quality of the database, and to allow verification or future query, contributors will be asked to use a secure login to the database before adding entries. In addition, the IP Address of contributors' computers will be stored in the database.

By providing registration details (name, email address) for the purposes of creating a user account, contributors accept that they are willing for their entries to be recorded by BHS under the terms of the Data Protection Act. Your name or email will only be used for the purposes of the operation of the Chronology, however, and will not be passed to a third party for any commercial purposes.

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