We wish to credit the following authors / copyright holders of anthologies who have kindly granted permission to us for the extraction of dated hydrological events:

We are grateful to Harold Potter for the historical hydrological research that he did over his working lifetime, culminating in Institute of Hydrology Report No 46 "The Use of Historic Records for the Augmentation of Hydrological Data" (January 1978). As a long-time employee of Trent River Authority, his work has particular strength in the events of the Midlands. However, this particular report will be of value to all those who are concerned to pursue long hydrological time sequences, for example, his Appendix A gives comprehensive coverage of dating methods in old documents. The reference list of IH Report 46 is also particularly strong in its ability to go back to original chronicles.

We express our appreciation to the increasing numbers of authors of web timelines and chronologies for individual towns and villages, many of which bring to a wider audience outstanding floods and droughts.

We express our admiration for those who have collected and republished old riverside photographs; we do not present photos of flooded valleys or towns on this database, but draw attention by recording photo captions that there is a resource 'out there' to be used scientifically as well as aesthetically.

BHS is grateful to Mrs Sandie Clemas (CEH Wallingford) for her care when entering Frank Law's contributions. A good number of those would not have been possible without the advances achieved by the Internet Library of Early Journals (, for which we express our appreciation.

Andrew Black wishes to express thanks for assistance in the development of the software supporting the Chronology - in particular to members of the University of Dundee web administrators group for helpful suggestions, and to Mike Cranston for testing the prototype version.

Permission to use the CEH Wallingford (formerly Institute of Hydrology) map of UK hydrometric areas on this site is gratefully acknowledged.

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