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60091766"A letter from Wales informs us of the dreadful inundation of the river Usk the latter end of November; by which vast numbers of cattle of all kinds, stacks of hay, and ricks of corn, were washed away, and several farmers thereby utterly ruined. The waters were up to the first stories of the houses."[River Usk]056 - UskFrank Law
60101766"At Newcastle, in Cardiganshire, the bridge and three or four houses were entirely destroyed."[River Teifi]062 - TeifiFrank Law
601108-09-1766"Three dwelling houses at Eastrow, and two bridges, have been carried away, near Whitby, in Yorkshire, by a great land-flood."[River Esk]027 - Ouse (Yorkshire)Frank Law
601202-07-1759"Birmingham. By the floods occasioned by the heavy rains, great damage hath been done in this neighbourhood to the grass that was cut down, as well as to that which is standing, by its being filled with sand and gravel; and on Monday two horses at Crete-bridge, in the Stratford road, and one near Harburn, were drowned; and a man was drowned in endeavouring to cross Stone-bridge near Meriden." [River Blythe]054 - SevernFrank Law
601420-09-1775"In the afternoon, a most violent storm of rain and hail, accompanied with more dreadful thunder and vivid lightening than had ever been remembered by the oldest person living, fell in Oxford and Salisbury, and other places in their neighbourhood. Several streets were overflowed; the lightning was almost one continued flash for two hours, the fourth-western firmament, in particular, frequently appeared one vast expanse of fire."043 - Avon and StourFrank Law
601621-09-1775"And the next morning [September 21st], about ten, there arose such another storm of thunder and lightning at Leeds in Yorkshire; in which four or five persons, and some cattle, were killed by the lightning."027 - Ouse (Yorkshire)Frank Law
601721-02-1762"On this and the following day, great damage was done, and numbers of people perished, in different parts of the kingdom, by a great, sudden, and unusual fall of snow, which, in some places, was ten and twelve feet deep. Near fifty people, who were caught in the open fields, roads, plains, heaths, and commons, lost their lives. In the hurricane that accompanied it, large trees, coaches, houses, chimnies, and barns, were in many places, levelled with the ground."027 - Ouse (Yorkshire)Frank Law
601823-06-1762"A moor at Solesberry in Buckinghamshire; another great one near Pately-bridge in Yorkshire; the high moors near Sheffield; and the moor or heath on Bloreme-hill in Monmouthshire, are all on fire; that of Bloreme-hill near six feet deep, and those near Sheffield for thirty miles together in some places, owing it is probable . . . to the extraordinary disposition of the peat to kindle by inflammable exhalations, through the late excessive heat and dryness of the weather. . . . In Scotland, the woods of Rothmurcus, and the fine forests of Glenmere and Glenfiddick, have been in great great danger from the same cause. The woods of Abernethy have suffered prodigiously, and the neighbouring inhabitants have been employed night and day in diverting the course of the flames."039 - ThamesFrank Law
602229-01-1763December 25th, 1762 "A most intense frost set in with a north-easterly wind, and continued with very little intermission to the 29th of January, when it broke up by a gentle thaw. Besides the general appearance of nature, some experiments, tried during the course of it, proved, that it was some days no less severe than that of 1740 . . . by the 2nd of January the river Thames was completely frozen over at Richmond; as was the Severn in several places, carriages passed over the ice, and booths were erected and fairs held; the ice being in some parts six feet thick."039 - ThamesFrank Law
60231272"1272 Canterbury ' A great storm of thunder and lightning and a sudden inundation; the waters breaking forth seemingly from the caverns of the earth, overflowed the greatest part of the city where they were never before known to come.' "[Great Stour]040 - Kent Rivers GroupFrank Law
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