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611727-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at Bude noted "The rain, 1.96 in. in a few hours, caused the heaviest flood ever known in at Bude, and the damage to property was estimated at over 1000."049 - Camel GroupFrank Law
611827-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at Chelford (Astle Hall) noted "Rain 1.46 in., causing floods" [Wincham Brook]068 - Cheshire Rivers GroupFrank Law
611927-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at Knighton (Ystrad House) noted "Extensive flooding in the Teme valley after heavy rainfall of this day." [Teme]054 - SevernFrank Law
612027-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at Wrexham noted "Rain 2.60in., nearly the whole of which fell in 4 hours in a veritable cloudburst, which scoured out brooks and streams, lowering the beds in many places from 4 to 5 feet." [Dee]067 - Dee (Cheshire)Frank Law
612127-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at Aberdeen (Cranford) noted "Low-lying grounds both on the Dee and the Don were covered with water 12 to 14 inches deep, and corn-sheaves were washed out to sea."011 - Don (Aberdeenshire)Frank Law
612331-10-19031903 October 31 Rainfall observer at Maidenhead noted "Great floods. Bridge Road was underwater and all the roads leading to the river were impassable." [Thames]039 - ThamesFrank Law
612429-11-19031903 November 29 rainfall observer at Marlow noted "More than an inch of rain in 24 hours caused a renewal of the floods." [Thames]039 - ThamesFrank Law
612519031903 February rainfall observer at Nutfield noted [p 41] "very mild and dry until the last week, when heavy floods and gales were experienced". [R. Mole]039 - ThamesFrank Law
612619021902 December Rainfall observer at Abingdon (Culham) noted in February 1903 "The springs were never known to be so low as they were the end of 1902. Of the past five winter months the rainfall of three was below the average, and of two above. It always requires 10 inches from October to February under such conditions to affect the deeper wells, and just ten inches fell in that period."039 - ThamesFrank Law
612719031903 February Rainfall observer at Southport (Hesketh Park) noted "Underground water level lower than in any previous February". 070 - Douglas GroupFrank Law
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