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610716-06-19031903 June 16 rainfall observer at Bath noted "Serious floods". 053 - Avon (Bristol)Frank Law
610820-06-19031903 June 20 rainfall observer at Windsor noted "The Thames rose to 4ft. 2 in. above head-water level, producing a serious inundation of the low-lying ground". 039 - ThamesFrank Law
610918-06-19031903 June 18 Rainfall observer at Chipping Sodbury (Court) noted "At 1 p.m. 1.55 in. of rain was measured, of which it was estimated 1.50 in. fell in 45 minutes. The house and stable were flooded." [Little Avon]054 - SevernFrank Law
611013-02-1768"Greatest inundation of fresh water that was ever known at Skinburness " Sea dike was cut at three different places "so that it ran with great violence for four days"075 - Derwent (Cumberland) GroupThomas Jackson
611108-10-19031903 October 8 Rainfall observer at Newcastle noted "....intense rain giving rise to floods. The total fall for 24 hours measured at 9 a.m. on 9th was 3.66 in." [Tyne]023 - Tyne (Northumberland)Frank Law
611212-10-19031903 October 12 Rainfall observer at Lea Bridge noted "Leyton Marsh flooded".038 - LeeFrank Law
611313-10-19031903 October 13 rainfall observer at Maidenhead noted "The river overflowed its banks, and many acres of land were flooded."[Thames]039 - ThamesFrank Law
611426-10-19031903 October 26 Rainfall observer at Dunmow (Bigods Hall) noted "Storm of wind and rain during the night and river Chelmer in flood".037 - Essex Rivers GroupFrank Law
611527-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at Hartland Abbey, N. Devon, noted "Rain 1.95 in. Heavy floods, greater than known before in this district."050 - Taw and TorridgeFrank Law
611627-10-19031903 October 27 Rainfall observer at St Austell (Trevarna) noted "between 9 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. 2 in. of rain fell. Great damage was done by floods and many bridges were washed away."048 - Fal GroupFrank Law
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