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609630-01-19031903 January 30 Rainfall observer at Dunblane noted "Heavy rain and strong gale for the previous 36 hours resulted in much flooding and the destruction of several bridges in Stirlingshire." [Allan water]018 - ForthFrank Law
609703-05-19031903 May 3 Rainfall observer at Haslemere (Jesses) noted "Rain commenced at 2.30a.m. and continued for 14 hours, amounting to 1.41in. Very extensive floods in Godalming and other low-lying districts of the river Wey. The roads were under water at Chiddingfold, Dunsfold and neighbourhood in the evening."039 - ThamesFrank Law
609804-05-19031903 May 4 Rainfall observer at Chelford (Astle Hall ) noted " Floods out" [Wincham Brook]068 - Cheshire Rivers GroupFrank Law
609905-05-19031903 May 5 Rainfall observer at Oswestry (Mount Reservoir) noted "The heaviest rain yet recorded, 2.00 in. falling and causing much flooding and damage. The storm commenced with rain about about mid-day, and from 2 to 4 p.m. it hailed heavily, raining again afterwards."054 - SevernFrank Law
610012-05-19031903 May 12 Rainfall observer at Colchester (Lexden) noted for 10th and 11th "In 26 hours 1.96 in. of rain fell, cauusing the highest floods since 1894". The observer at Fingringhoe noted "Continuous rain for 22 hours, giving 2.51 in. this was of a local character, and largely confined to the valley of the Colne, which was in flood on 12th, whilst the Chelmer was not flooded." Observer at Sudbury (Friars Street) noted "High floods on low-lying meadows". [Colne and Stour]036 - Stour (Essex and Suffolk)Frank Law
610212-05-19031903 May 12 "Rainfall observer at Spalding noted "As a result of the heavy rain, a sheet of water extended from Spalding to Peakirk, a distance of 15 miles, with a width of from half to three quarters of a mile. Cattle were grazing on this land a few days before, and such a flood had not occurred for 25 years." [Welland]031 - WellandFrank Law
610313-06-19031903 June 13 Rainfall observer at Islip noted "Rain commenced at about noon, and continued steadily without cessation for 70 hours. The floods were most disastrous to hay and corn crops." [R. Cherwell]039 - ThamesFrank Law
610417-06-19031903 June 17 Rainfall observer at Lea Bridge noted "On 13th, 14th and 15th there was about 52 hours ceaseless rain, and on 15th the Lea commenced to overflow, reached its maximum on 17th, and on 18th commenced to subside." Observer at Waltham Abbey noted "Serious floods, swamping the Royal Gunpowder Factory and the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield, .... At New Waltham letters had to be delivered by boat." [Lee]038 - LeeFrank Law
610516-06-19031903 June 16 Rainfall observer at East Ham noted "River Roding overflowed."037 - Essex Rivers GroupFrank Law
610616-06-19031903 June 16 Rainfall observer at Sudbury (Friars Street) noted "Low-lying meadows and part of the town flooded." [Stour]036 - Stour (Essex and Suffolk)Frank Law
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