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608518681868 October "At Sheffield the supplies were first reduced in June, and further in July, August, and September, the last reduction being to four hours per day."[River Don]027 - Ouse (Yorkshire)Frank Law
608615-06-19031903 June 15 "The average rainfall on the area with more than one inch was 1.22 on the 13th; 1.48 on the 14th and 1.21 on the 15th; while over the whole surface of England and Wales it was 0.38 in. on the 13th, .55in. on the 14th, and .48in. on the 15th - an average of .47 in. per day for the three days . This corresponds to a total amount of nearly 1.200,000 million gallons, or 5,348 million tons of water precipitated on the land in three days: enough water if it could all be stored to supply the whole population of England and Wales with 25 gallons per head for more than three years."037 - Essex Rivers GroupFrank Law
608805-01-19031903 January 5 Rainfall observer at Addington, near Winslow (Bucks) noted"Large flood; meadows all covered with water" [River Great Ouse]033 - Great OuseFrank Law
608906-01-19031903 January 6 Rainfall observer at Blisworth (Grafton House) south of Northampton noted "5th and 6th Large floods" [River Nene]032 - NeneFrank Law
609007-01-19031903 January 7 Rainfall observer at Wrexham noted "Serious floods in the neighbourhood". [River Dee]067 - Dee (Cheshire)Frank Law
609113-01-19031903 January 13 Rainfall observer at Oxford noted "Keen frost, resulting in excellent skating on flooded meadows." [River Thames]039 - ThamesFrank Law
609214-01-19031903 January 14 Rainfall observer at Spalding noted "Many mile of splendid ice on Cowbit Wash." [Welland]031 - WellandFrank Law
609316-01-19031903 January 16 Rainfall observer at Christchurch (Winkton Lodge) noted against 15th and 16th "The Avon, one of the few river sin England having ground ice, presented a beautiful appearance, the brilliant white lumps as they rose to the surface shining brightly in the sunshine."043 - Avon and StourFrank Law
609427-01-19031903 January 27 Rainfall observer at Hampson-in-Ellel noted "On the morning of 27th the Lune overflowed its banks and flooded the country to a greater extent than had been known for 12 years." Rainfalls over 5 days to Jan 26 (with that of Jan 26 itself in brackets) going up the valley were Hampson 1.33 ( 0.57)Yealand Conyers 1.48 ( 0.74)Wray 3.63 ( 2.20)High Casterton 4.26 (2.83)Sedbergh 5.57 ( 3.40) 072 - Wyre and LuneFrank Law
609527-01-19031903 January 27 Rainfall observer at Carlisle noted "Serious floods in the Eden and Petteril valleys"076 - Eden (Cumberland)Frank Law
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