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606519191919 severe inundation032 - NeneFrank Law
606619261926 severe inundation032 - NeneFrank Law
606719271927 Floods....when many acres were inundated 032 - NeneFrank Law
606819291929 Thorney Drainage Board [TDB] minute records great shortage of water; too low in Thorney River for syphon to work. 032 - NeneFrank Law
60691852"In the south-east of England, north of the Thames, there has rarely been a period more rich in floods than November, 1852; in this month six inches of rain fell at Greenwich, and nearly eight inches in the Lee valley, following a September of 4 inches and October of 6 inches fall. The rain at Feilde's weir for November was about 2 inches on the second, and of the remaining six inches about 3 inches fell between the 10th and 15th of November, and about 2 inches between the 20th and 27th. The total flow off the ground for this month was 2.32 inches in depth, excluding a considerable quantity not gauged. . . . The floods committed serious damage from the Severn and Trent to the Thames, and laid the lowlands of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex under water, for several weeks in many cases. . . . the memorable rains of November, 1852, raised high and low water of the Thames upwards of three feet on the 19th and 20th of that month, the tides being affected to this extent by the gorging of flood waters. "038 - LeeFrank Law
607015-08-1777"A dreadful inundation happened at Holmfirth, near Huddersfield, in Yorkshire, occasioned by the bursting of a cloud on the adjacent hills. A little rivulet rose several yards in height in less than ten minutes. The damage is estimated at 10,000 l besides the loss of lives."[River Holme]027 - Ouse (Yorkshire)Frank Law
60711929"1929 Photo of Pulborough-Arundel Road causeway (at Pulborough) just over-topped by floodwater"041 - Sussex Rivers GroupFrank Law
607201-03-19271927 March 1 Photo of Pulborough-Arundel Road causeway (at Pulborough) just over-topped by floodwater041 - Sussex Rivers GroupFrank Law
607319221922 photo of R. Arun overbank on left bank at Pulborough041 - Sussex Rivers GroupFrank Law
607428-10-17911791 October 28 "The town treasurer was ordered to repair the considerable damage done to the damhead and breaches made in the haughs and town mills".[River Tyne, Lothian]020 - Tyne (Lothian) GroupFrank Law
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