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59161249"There are records of floods particularly in the neighbourhood of Abingdon.... "039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
593020-09-1564"Following a thaw the Thames overflowed"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
59351668"'Great raine' at the end of November which led to 'great floods' at Oxford"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
59401680"Another less serious flood at Oxford"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
59421685"Much rain caused floods at Oxford"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
59471693"Rains cause the Thames to flood"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
59541756"Thames Valley floods including Colnbrook and Staines"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
595525-01-1757"Great Flood in Lambourn Valley, Welford Arch Bridge washed away"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
595625-01-1757"Northleach was reported as being partly flooded by melting snow upon the surrounding hills"039 - ThamesRob Scarrott
596109-10-1767"They write from Birmingham that there fell so great a quantity of snow on the hills in Derbyshire and Cheshire, that on its melting it caused great floods in those parts, particularly last Thursday at Northwich the waters were so high, that the inhabitants went about the streets in boats."[River Weaver]068 - Cheshire Rivers GroupFrank Law
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