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This is a public repository for hydrological facts of the type that come from texts rather than tables. It is an attempt to bring into searchable view on the Web as much material as possible so that the spatial extent of events, and their relative severity, can be assessed. Every hydrological circumstance from flood to drought, from instantaneous to prolonged, from rain reaching the ground to the return of runoff to the sea is to be covered.

The original concept of the Chronology, and much of the effort of identifying and extracting records, is attributable to the huge efforts of Frank Law, over many years since the 1990s. The database was launched in July 1998, and is now hosted by the BHS directly. Andrew Black developed the original web-enabled system. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The system is described in detail in a published journal paper:

As at October 2015, a new sub-domain name has been established for use with the site: cbhe.hydrology.org.uk

The original location of www.dundee.ac.uk/geography/cbhe/ will redirect users to this new location for the foreseeable future.

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